Sunday, January 31

The beginning of a new journey

Hello there, 

 I'm Crystal... a girl in her mid 20s decided to blog about herself , life, dramas, love-life and the whole journey of figuring whether to adapt to this new change she was forced into or leave it all behind and move back to the familiar.

Ever since my beloved parents decided that it was time for me to come back “Home”  because apparently they think i have spent too much time outside the country (not considering the fact that i was born and raised OUTSIDE the country!)  i just can not fit in this society i just can’t, no matter what i do i still end up losing my self-control wanting to book the first ticket out of here.

So far, i think have gone through the main phases of an emotional breakdown… Denial – Depression – Anger and i think it’s time for acceptance, that’s when the blog idea came to light, what’s better than an online diary to track my emotions/progress ? Plus, i can see other people’s thoughts about the whole thing as well ! Great.. 
i don’t know what I’m doing next, all i know is I’m missing Me. This has definitely changed me in so many different ways, i don’t know if i will go back to being what I’m used to be, i don’t know if i CAN, i don’t know if i will adapt and settle here and become “Kuwaitified” (if that’s even a word!)…. Through this blog, i’m taking the baby-steps to figure myself out.
 And this is my story.. Day by day as I live it.

Enjoy x